Kevin Laso

Hey Everybody! My name is Kevin Laso and I am a musician and concretor. I have been playing in and around Camden NSW for about 10 years now, performing covers and originals regularly in places such as Camden Valley Inn, Barenz and the Royal Hotel. Subsequently, I acquired a fair bit of work over the years performing at functions such as weddings, festivals, birthday parties, corporate events etc. Along with singing, I play acoustic guitars, slide guitar and a percussive foot Cajon which I invented to accompany myself and hopefully create fuller-sounding songs.  

I began my working life as a concretor and began running my own business around 2000. In 2001 I got a taste of anxiety/depression. A doctor recommended that I opt for doing something that I really enjoyed before embarking on medication, so I picked up the guitar and have been annoying everybody with it ever since.

Over the years I have written a few songs and am now finally letting them out into the world through YouTube and an upcoming album which I think I will call “Earthlings”. I hope there are people out there for whom the songs might resonate.

I’ve recently rented my house out, bought a caravan and am taking a couple of years to travel around Australia with my partner and daughter, playing whatever gig I can get. Musical of course, not concreting for obvious reasons!



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